Operation Centers

AMTEC – Janesville

Janesville is home to AMTEC systems integration management operations and state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly for tactical and training ammunition, fuzing, and firing devices. Specifically designed and built for munitions manufacturing, the facility and personnel have flexibility to handle various high and low volume production items.


A division of AMTEC Corporation, Amron, of Antigo, Wisconsin, excels in working steel, aluminum and brass. Expertise covers all aspects of cold formation (including drawing and extruding parts), as well as thermal treatment, and precision machining and finishing. Among other benefits, Amronís cold process minimizes the amount of material required to produce a finished part.

Spectra Technologies

A subsidiary of AMTEC Corporation, Spectra, of East Camden, Arkansas, provides full load, assemble, and pack services, such as melt casting, press loading, PBX casting, propellant blending and general ordnance assembly.

The AMTEC Team

We are committed to the constant pursuit of excellence and strive for continuous improvement in high-volume product quality and operational efficiency. The AMTEC team is set apart from our competitors for the following reasons:

  • Competent staff! AMTEC has a wonderful mix of wise veterans that have been in the defense business for many years along with younger personnel with fresh ideas. We successfully combine intelligence, a positive work ethic, and an attitude that is completely customer driven to deliver a quality product on-time, every time.

  • State-of-the-art facilities! AMTEC’s facilities and equipment were established for the specific purpose of producing tactical and training ammunition, fuzing, and firing devices. We design and build our own high-volume, precision, automatic manufacturing machines, tooling, and test equipment.

  • Team approach! Our vendors are our teammates in the manufacture of our products. We succeed and fail together. One component defect can shut down a program, so high-quality, conforming components on time are paramount to successful program performance. The pursuit of excellence begins at our vendors' plants.

  • Responsive! As a small business, AMTEC’s organizational structure is lean. Our senior management team is on site and involved with day-to-day decisions. Our customers’ requests and queries are dealt with timely and efficiently.